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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Beginnings: My Plans for Lent

The above picture is of a card that you can find on Etsy.

So, we now have eight days left before the start of Lent.   We still have plenty of time to decide how we can draw closer to Jesus during Lent, to better celebrate the joy of His Resurrection at Easter.

But I'd be a fibber if I acted like I didn't know for some time what I need to do for Lent.  You see, a little over two years ago, I bought a Chronological One Year Bible.   I not only loved the idea of reading the Bible in one year, but I loved the concept of reading books side by side as they happen in the same time frame.  In 2009, I lasted until about the first week of February.  Sure, I had a couple of days that I skipped, but was able to read two days worth the next day, so for a little more than a month, it all worked out.  But then I fell two days behind, and didn't have time to catch up by reading three days worth.  After awhile, I fell so far behind, I just put it aside until the next year.  My CDO (That's OCD, in alphabetical order the way it OUGHT to be ) mind could not wrap my head around reading a February entry in March.   The year 2010 began with Mom in the hospital, so I never did get around to starting again then.   This year, I don't know what stopped me.

Of course, realizing in February that I missed yet another opportunity to begin filled my heart with guilt.  I spoke to God about this guilt when I was praying, and the thought came to me (was it my own or from Him, I dare not assume) that I could read the Gospels in the Chronological Bible during Lent.  (My CDO mind is able to re appropriate materials, I have no idea why...)  The thought also occurred to me that it may be divided into portions that don't match up, and I'd either have to read a couple days at once a few times any way, or maybe end early.  But I was curious, so right there in the middle of prayer, I grabbed the Chronological Bible, looked up the number of days it would take me to read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, and found out that the number totaled forty!  That's EXACTLY the number of days during Lent!  I then counted the number of days to finish the New Testament, which would work out until around Pentecost.

So this Lent, my plan is to be disciplined about reading the Gospels every day, and hopefully it will become such a habit that I'll begin Acts and Paul's letters during the Easter Season.

Truthfully, I started this blog to help me with that.  Though I don't currently post daily on any of my blogs, the plan here is to update daily with what I read and my reflections on it.   This is more to keep me honest than for anyone else's edification.  :-)    And as I draw closer to God through His Word, I truly do anticipate a Happy Lent!

BTW, I hope my links to Etsy sites aren't getting on anyone's nerves.   I was just thinking that using pictures I had no rights to use could be problematic on a blog professing to deal with matters of faith, and that by using a picture from a site which is selling what is in the picture, and providing a link, I wouldn't be stepping on the toes of the owner of said picture.  After all, they'd be glad for a little extra exposure, right?   

I really like praying along to the Taize song on this Youtube video.   It's based on a verse from Psalm 103.

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