Matthew 6:16

"When you fast, do not look gloomy..."

Monday, March 14, 2011

Bewildered World

My friend Jason at Connecting to Impact is hosting a Warrior Poetry Circle. Today they are focusing on the word "Lonely"   I thought I'd try my hand at it this week.   I found myself wondering if Jesus was ever lonely.   My poem never actually answered that question, merely pondered it.  Even that pondering only went as far as what I have read so far in the Gospel this Lent.

Bewildered World

Disciples eating
A paralytic lifting
both on the Sabbath

Pharisees pointing
judgement filling their hearts instead
a sense of relief

When did it first start
Jesus, our deliverer
perplexing the world

The Word creating
all good things in existence
knowing we would sin?

The announcement of
a Virgin conceiving Him
through Holy Spirit?

Perhaps the stable
a King in the feeding trough
worshipped by gentiles.

Maybe the temple
when He was the wisest one
a boy among men.

The feast at Cana
the very best of the wine
saved until the last?

Did He feel alone
As a man not fully known
by His companions?


  1. A man of sorrows, intimately acquainted with our suffering... He had to experience loneliness at some point, but He did overcome it. Great poem, Helen. Wonderful and thanks for joining in.

  2. Helen, that was a beautiful way to answer that question...thank you!

  3. I thought about that same question. He experienced loneliness -- profound loneliness -- at least twice -- once in the Garden of Gethsemane, and once on the cross, when the Father turned his face away. Well done, Helen.

  4. Perplexing the world.

    Such loneliness in being misunderstood. And then there was the wilderness.

    Beautiful, Helen.