Matthew 6:16

"When you fast, do not look gloomy..."

Saturday, April 2, 2011


The fig tree that bore no fruit because it wasn't in season....   I don't get why it should be cursed when it wasn't in season.   I do get that Jesus expects his followers to "bear fruit".   I do hope he finds me fruitful.  I just don't understand what that poor fig tree did that warranted being cursed.  Maybe the whole point was just to use the fig tree as a lesson in the importance of bearing fruit.   Maybe it was just an object used for a lesson, and I am identifying with a plant a little to closely...

The pharisees asked Jesus by what authority he acted on.    Jesus gave them a question about John the Baptist and where his baptism was from, God or men.   The gist of it is that the pharisees really didn't want to know.   If they didn't really want to know where John's baptism came from, they didn't want to know where Jesus's authority came from all the more.

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